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DIY Ideas For Creative Use Of Antlers For Home Decoration

Using antlers is a step towards creativity and using it you can spice up your décor. There is no need to chase a wild theme. Antlers are versatile and it depends on how they are put into use. Of course, the texture, color and the creative use of antlers you make may decide how great it looks. Here are few ideas suitable for any home.

Luminous Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a beautiful way to use antlers in a home. There are many creative ways of lighting, but you can ensure a creative use of antlers to give a rustic and real wild look. This can be done by using antler rack and hanging few lanterns. It will suit your yard.

Unique Wall Art

Antler- inspired arts make your wall beautiful. Look at gorgeous wreaths made using antlers painted in white. It looks elegant and simple. You can get black frames and white antlers, such that you fix the black frames and in the center place the white antlers. They look best as picture frames. Another very simple idea is to hang a pair of antlers with a few flowers.

Hang Things

Another very creative use of antlers is to use antlers as alternative to regular hooks. The advantage is that they are very strong and each antler works for more than one purpose. A popular trend is to hang jewelry, but it can put into use to hang tea cups, belts, towels, clothing, or anything coming to mind.

Fireplace Inspiration

Antlers make a fireplace outstanding, regardless of the size, large or small. Using large antlers and dressing up the fireplace mantel looks great. In case, you are not using the fireplace, place antlers in a bunch replacing the usual logs. Get a subtler look by placing smaller size antlers in a stack on one end at the fireplace mantel.

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Crazy Diy Projects To Reuse Clothespins

Do it yourself which is also known is diy, is an amazing opportunity to test your artwork and creativity. On can make their favorite things at home just by little effort rather than going to markets and buy them. There are many amazing ideas about diy clothespin that one can try at home. One really easy and less time consuming diy clothespin project is known as Ombre triangle inspiration board. This project includes the use of fancy hangers that are of the shape of a triangle.

Moreover, these fancy hangers can also be made at home. You can easily decorate them the way you want. All you have to do is attach the triangles vertically and then put pictures on its each sides by the help of clothespin. One another fabulous idea that can be made from clothespin is Clothespin backdrop. No one could even think that with such simple thing, something so chic can be made. However, for this, all you need is some colorful clothespin or you can even spray them by buying simple ones, a scissor, and a clothesline.

All you have to do is attach the clothespin on the clothesline and hang it on a wall or anywhere you want. On this back drop you can attach notes or pictures by the help of clothes pin. No wonder it will look beautiful which is very easy to make. Another really easy diy clothespin project is the tablecloth weighs. This is a really fantastic idea which takes less then 10 minutes. One can decorate their own clothespin by adding different colors and other crafty things and attach it with the sides of the tablecloth. However, except for these, there are many more ideas that people can easily try at home by putting little effort.


Get Inspired To DIY Your Own Garden Mosaics

diy garden mosaic projects are beautiful and practical. You may use various materials such as broken glass, plates or even tiles. Using anything to create an art work looks great. You can also buy tiles at any of the local hardware store and try the mosaic projects.

Mosaic can be of any pattern and this can be done by arranging small colored pieces together. This may include hard material such as stones, glass or tiles. diy garden mosaics projects is really impressive and fun to do as a handmade project. Mosaic is already produced with brilliance by recycling paper, CDs, egg shells, beans, seeds, and so much more.

  • One such diy garden mosaics projects is the stepping stone tile topped in the garden. This is really simple. You just need some tile of your preferred colors. Break them and create mosaic stepping stone.
  • Look for glass bits, broken china, crystals, stones, marbles, etc. Wear safety glass and wear rubber gloves. Use tile pinchers to break the tiles into pieces. Use concrete stepping- stone. Immerse in water, prepare thin-set mortar such that it is a runny peanut butter consistency. Spread it on the wet stone to ¼ to ½ inch. Arrange pieces and press them on the mortar. Ensure even surface and it will dry in 15 minutes. Once done, clean excess mortar and allow it to dry overnight. Fill gaps, use wet sponge and take care to let it dry completely. Place it in a garden.

The procedure is the same for most diy garden mosaics projects. It is about breaking the mosaics and having a proper color scheme. You need tile nippers, glue, plate fragments, gloves, rag or sponge, grout sealant, spray or foam brush.

Generally, begin by using nippers to break plates into pieces, plan a design layout and glue them wherever necessary. Let them dry overnight.


DIY Projects That You Can Get Inspired To Create Living Fences For Your Garden

The green living wall has become the fashion of today, lately. Either part of any building is surely free standing. It looks healthy and great to loot at this part. This is also referred to as living walls. It is a great idea to pack these living walls with flora and make it uniquely beautiful as vertical gardens. The very thought of diy living fence art is exclusive and suits the modern world. You will love to see green beautiful gardens hanging precariously onto the walls.

Modern living walls also can be highlighted with diy living fence art. This can be done by adding audacious, brilliant and fresh greens to the living walls thus ensure a great addition. It offers great delight and joy in these small packages.

Having basic skills is enough it is fun. You can choose plants and succulents that you wish to add to your living wall. There is no restriction. This may include a stunning cloak of greenery to whimsical patterns. It will offer an individualized look and promote creativity. Above all, making an ideal choice is essential for a diy living fence art. However, ensure you hang it perfectly or take someone’s help to hang it. It should appear cool.

Another very important thing about the diy living fence art is that there is a need for watering the plants. But make sure you are very careful with your living wall watering. Ensure there is not much of moisture, as it will be harmful to the living wall and may result in mold growth. Thus, position it such that it receives enough sunlight. The ideal place is a spot near to the window.

If you consider something elaborate, then hanging flower boxes are also good. Definitely the diy living wall or fence art ideas are elegant, stealing the show.

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Utensil Holder Projects That You Can Diy At Home

For the people, who got bored from their kitchen decor and wants to give their kitchen, a touch of new colorful items to make it look lively and beautiful should definitely try some really amazing diy kitchen utensil holder ideas. These ideas will not only save their money but will also help in utilizing some old things that once seemed useless to them. For easy building of utensil holders, all you need are some cans.

They can be either tin cans or wooden cans. Old tin cans will also work. You can decorate those cans like you want, add colors and design to it and place it on the kitchen counter or cabinets. In these beautifully designed cans, you can place different kitchen utensils and can easily use them whenever you want. Moreover, hooks can also be used for holding the kitchen utensil. You can place the hooks anywhere you want, either on the wall, in the cabinet, or on the outdoor and hang the utensils to it. This is the easiest and the simplest way for storing and holding the kitchen utensils which costs nothing but a little effort in drilling the hooks inside.

Another amazing diy idea about utensil holder is the rope utensil crock. So far, this is the best diy ideas for storing the utensils which will give your kitchen a rustic touch. In addition to it, a beautiful diy idea about utensil holder is by using an old rake that can be used for holding the utensils by giving a rustic appearance. This idea includes nothing but, attaching an old rake to a normal wooden board or painted wooden board and screw some hooks in it. This old rake can also be attached to the wall. These creative, diy ideas can totally change the look of your kitchen.


DIY Door Makeover Projects To Make Them Look Newer

When you look at a house from the outside then the things that you notice are the windows, doors and paint. These are the three things that make the house beautiful from the outside and that is why it important to get these things done right. If you want the entrance of your house to look pleasant then it is important to have a beautiful door. Sometimes you need to change the look of your door, here you will find some great door makeover ideas.

if you house is white from the outside then you will naturally go with black doors and windows. Although this combination looks good but it would get better if you mix around the colors. Blue is a great color to go with, all you need to do is remove the old black paint from the door and apply a coat of blue.

Painting your door according to season can also have a great impact on how your door looks. For example, if it is autumn outside then you can go with a dark color which matches the dry leaves. However, when spring comes then you can paint the door with a brighter color.

If you are living in an area that is surrounded by greenery and beauty, then you should probably paint your door with bright colors. In order to a door makeover all you need is fresh coat of paint and you will be good to go.

These were some door makeover ideas that can help you give your door a new look. It is important to have a beautiful door as it is one of the first things that people see when they enter a house. A good entrance always leaves a good impression, so the next time you are painting a house then keep the door in mind.

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Learn How To Reuse Galvanized Buckets With These DIY Projects

Are old galvanized buckets in your home thrown out? You may stop throwing it, they are useful. You may reuse galvanized buckets. These old stuff can add environmentally friendly and fun. You can make some changes and transform its look into something useful and beautiful.

Garden planter
Reuse galvanized buckets as a garden planter. It is about showing your creativity. There are no rules about beautiful décor. You may use objects and make it look useful. Use the galvanized bucket and put some beautiful planters.

Metal Bucket
A metal bucket can be filled with ice and you can use it to keep your drinks cool. This is a fascinating idea when you have plans for some outdoor party, dinner or barbeque. It is actually simple and really practical.

Copper Bucket
A fireplace needs logs of wood. You can use this old copper bucket to store wood. It is a very simple idea. If it is an old vintage bucket, it looks more characteristic. Fill it with firewood and place it near the fireplace.

Bucket Planter
Reuse galvanized buckets as a wonderful planter. You may add color and make it eye-catching. Paint this old metal and attach to some wooden board outside. It is sure to attract butterflies.

Any vintage and worn out bucket can be turned into planter. You can fill it with beautiful lilies. A bucket full of lilies looks pleasing and relaxing to your eyes.

Floral arrangements
Use tiny buckets to create floral arrangements and place it as interesting decorations for wedding or events or some outdoor parties. You can pain the bucket with green and fill it with fresh plants, attach a ribbon and present it at the entrance.

Buckets are versatile and are available now in different shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Use them for a variety of occasions.


DIY Projects And Ideas For Farmhouse Shelves

Shelves are something that are present in almost all homes and have great uses. Farmhouses shelves are easy to find and you can pretty much buy all kinds of designs from stores. However, it is better to make DIY farmhouse shelves, this is because with DIY shelves you can have a great impact on your home as they add a lot of personalization. If you are looking for designs and ways to make DIY farmhouse shelves then you can find some here.

Honeycomb Shelves
Making these kinds of shelves is pretty simple, all you need to do take some pieces of wood that are evenly cut and polished. Then you only need to stick them together in the shape of a honeycomb, this shape looks very beautiful and is a good way to decorate your house.

Corner Shelves
If you have not much in space in your house and you need a place to keep your belongings then you will probably benefit from corner shelves. These shelves are small pieces of wood that are fixed on the corner of the walls, they do not take up too much space but they do provide ample space for keeping books and other things.

Rustic Shelves
Rustic is probably the best color and theme for anything, be it shelves or furniture. Making rustic shelves is very similar as making regular shelves, all you need to do is paint it using rustic colors. Just this and you will be good to go.
These were a few things that you should know about DIY farmhouse shelves. These shelves will look absolutely beautiful in your house, where ever you keep them. if you are looking for more ideas for making DIY shelves then you can find them very easily on the internet.


Flower Garden Projects That You Can Do It Yourself

If you have your own flower garden then rather than hiring a professional why don’t you design it yourself? There is no rocket science involved in designing your own garden and if you simply write DIY flower gardens on Google, you will find many different types of designs through which you can decorate your garden. When you go for your DIY flower garden project then ensure that you design your garden in such a way that it becomes easy to move in, is comfortable and not too difficult to maintain. Some tips which you can utilize to initiate your DIY flower garden project are as follows

  • While designing your flower garden ensure that you have pathways that are wide. Having wide pathways ensure that the passage is comfortable. You need to design the garden in such a way that people can easy move about in it and this goal of yours can only be achieved if you design wide pathways.
  • Ensure that the stairway and outdoor steps are not more than 6 inches high. Building steps which are more than 6 inches can be uncomfortable for you or anybody visiting your flower garden
  • If the stairs of your flower garden consists of more than 10 steps then in such a case it is better that you develop landings after very fifth or sixth step
  • Try to plant some of the best flowers in your garden, you can find many beautiful flowers in your local nursery. You can purchase these flowers from their
  • You can always consult a professional as well as far as the plantation in the garden is concerned.

These were some of the essential tips which should be applied by you in your DIY flower garden project. As stated earlier these tips are very simple to apply, all they need is a little effort from your side.


DIY Ideas To Use Pallets To Organize Your Stuff

Wooden pallets are something that you can find very easily, they are something that are not very attractive on their own, however with a little effort they can be transformed. Wooden pallets may seem quite ordinary at first but you will be surprised to know the ways in which they can be used. If you are a person who likes to be well organized, then you will love organizers. You can find many organizers in stores and online, however if you make a DIY pallet organizer then you will be able to give your home a rather unique and personalized look.

You can use pallets in many ways and one of the ways is to use it as an organizer. This organizer can be used to keep anything. All you need to do is take a wooden pallet and paint it with your favorite color. Make sure that you paint the pallet depending on what you are going to keep in it and where you are going to keep it because it going to become a permanent in your home. Flower pots are something that look very beautiful in pallet organizers.

You can also use DIY pallet organizers in kitchens too. You can paint the pallet in the same color as your kitchen and then attach it to the wall. You can now use the pallet to keep spices and all of these sorts of things. Pallets can also be used to keep sports equipment, these pallets can be used in many more ways than you can possible imagine.

These were a few ways in which you can use DIY pallet organizers. Wooden pallets can be used in many more ways and all of them help in one way or the other. These pallets are very easily available, so can use it as an organizer very easily.