Beautify Your Walls With DIY Wall Container Gardening Projects

If you have visited metropolises like New York and San Francisco then you will certainly have seen rooftop gardens there. These gardens are easy to make in the big city, however when it comes to small commercial areas then you do not have enough space for these gardens. This is where wall container gardening comes in, if you really like gardening and don’t have enough space for it then you can do it with the help of wall container gardening. Even though space in these gardens is less you can give the illusion that there is more space in many ways.

When it comes to wall container gardening then you know that you do not have a lot of space. So, in order to make the place look bigger you should start by painting the walls green as this will make the place look fuller. The other thing to be done is that you need to place mirrors at plant level so that it gives the illusion that there are a lot more plants.

If you do not have time to water the plants then you should opt for plants that are succulents, these plants can store water in their leaves. With the help of these plants you do not need to water the plants every single day which will save you from a lot of hassle.

One thing about wall container gardens is that they are a lot more convenient then outdoor gardens. Outdoor gardens may look beautiful and may be the garden that you may have pictured but it is not at all very convenient. These were a few things that you should know about wall container gardens. These gardens are the way to go if you are into gardening and do not have enough space.


Get Inspired To DIY Your Own Garden Mosaics

diy garden mosaic projects are beautiful and practical. You may use various materials such as broken glass, plates or even tiles. Using anything to create an art work looks great. You can also buy tiles at any of the local hardware store and try the mosaic projects.

Mosaic can be of any pattern and this can be done by arranging small colored pieces together. This may include hard material such as stones, glass or tiles. diy garden mosaics projects is really impressive and fun to do as a handmade project. Mosaic is already produced with brilliance by recycling paper, CDs, egg shells, beans, seeds, and so much more.

  • One such diy garden mosaics projects is the stepping stone tile topped in the garden. This is really simple. You just need some tile of your preferred colors. Break them and create mosaic stepping stone.
  • Look for glass bits, broken china, crystals, stones, marbles, etc. Wear safety glass and wear rubber gloves. Use tile pinchers to break the tiles into pieces. Use concrete stepping- stone. Immerse in water, prepare thin-set mortar such that it is a runny peanut butter consistency. Spread it on the wet stone to ¼ to ½ inch. Arrange pieces and press them on the mortar. Ensure even surface and it will dry in 15 minutes. Once done, clean excess mortar and allow it to dry overnight. Fill gaps, use wet sponge and take care to let it dry completely. Place it in a garden.

The procedure is the same for most diy garden mosaics projects. It is about breaking the mosaics and having a proper color scheme. You need tile nippers, glue, plate fragments, gloves, rag or sponge, grout sealant, spray or foam brush.

Generally, begin by using nippers to break plates into pieces, plan a design layout and glue them wherever necessary. Let them dry overnight.


DIY Projects That You Can Get Inspired To Create Living Fences For Your Garden

The green living wall has become the fashion of today, lately. Either part of any building is surely free standing. It looks healthy and great to loot at this part. This is also referred to as living walls. It is a great idea to pack these living walls with flora and make it uniquely beautiful as vertical gardens. The very thought of diy living fence art is exclusive and suits the modern world. You will love to see green beautiful gardens hanging precariously onto the walls.

Modern living walls also can be highlighted with diy living fence art. This can be done by adding audacious, brilliant and fresh greens to the living walls thus ensure a great addition. It offers great delight and joy in these small packages.

Having basic skills is enough it is fun. You can choose plants and succulents that you wish to add to your living wall. There is no restriction. This may include a stunning cloak of greenery to whimsical patterns. It will offer an individualized look and promote creativity. Above all, making an ideal choice is essential for a diy living fence art. However, ensure you hang it perfectly or take someone’s help to hang it. It should appear cool.

Another very important thing about the diy living fence art is that there is a need for watering the plants. But make sure you are very careful with your living wall watering. Ensure there is not much of moisture, as it will be harmful to the living wall and may result in mold growth. Thus, position it such that it receives enough sunlight. The ideal place is a spot near to the window.

If you consider something elaborate, then hanging flower boxes are also good. Definitely the diy living wall or fence art ideas are elegant, stealing the show.


Flower Garden Projects That You Can Do It Yourself

If you have your own flower garden then rather than hiring a professional why don’t you design it yourself? There is no rocket science involved in designing your own garden and if you simply write DIY flower gardens on Google, you will find many different types of designs through which you can decorate your garden. When you go for your DIY flower garden project then ensure that you design your garden in such a way that it becomes easy to move in, is comfortable and not too difficult to maintain. Some tips which you can utilize to initiate your DIY flower garden project are as follows

  • While designing your flower garden ensure that you have pathways that are wide. Having wide pathways ensure that the passage is comfortable. You need to design the garden in such a way that people can easy move about in it and this goal of yours can only be achieved if you design wide pathways.
  • Ensure that the stairway and outdoor steps are not more than 6 inches high. Building steps which are more than 6 inches can be uncomfortable for you or anybody visiting your flower garden
  • If the stairs of your flower garden consists of more than 10 steps then in such a case it is better that you develop landings after very fifth or sixth step
  • Try to plant some of the best flowers in your garden, you can find many beautiful flowers in your local nursery. You can purchase these flowers from their
  • You can always consult a professional as well as far as the plantation in the garden is concerned.

These were some of the essential tips which should be applied by you in your DIY flower garden project. As stated earlier these tips are very simple to apply, all they need is a little effort from your side.


Do It Yourself Projects To Create Tree Swings

Swings are something that are enjoyed by kids as well as adults, you can buy many different kinds of swings from stores as they are easily available. However, it would be better to make you own DIY tree swing, this is because it is a fun activity and you can have a swing that is made according to your design and desire. Making such tree swings is not a hard task, but it is challenging. Here you will find some ways and designs that you can use in order to make your personal tree swing.

Old Tires
One of the easiest ways to make a tree swing is to use old tires. All you need to do is clean those old tires and paint them with your favorite colors. After this tie it to a tree using a thick rope and you will be good to go.

If you are looking for an even more simple design, then you can choose to use a piece of wood. Just drill a hole through the wood and tie it with a tree using a strong rope. You can then start enjoying your tree swing.

Old Chair
If you want your ride to be a little more comfortable then you can use an old chair as your swing. This is very simple, all you need to do is detach the legs of the chair and then tie the remaining part of the chair to a tree. Your swing is ready.

These were a few ideas that you can use in order to make DIY tree swings. Making these swings is fun and you will be pleased with what you get. Riding these swings will be exciting, but make sure that the materials you use are strong so that there are no accidents.


Outdoor Bench Ideas That You Can Do It Yourself

On the internet you will find many search results of outdoor bench projects and there can be a list of such projects which you can search out. However the most important ingredient of an outdoor bench projects is the outdoor bench itself. There are many kinds of outdoor benches that can be used by you. However these benches can be costly as well sometimes. Hence if you want to keep your costing under check then the below mentioned tips can help you very much. These tips are only applicable if you try to build and design your own benches. Building your own benches is less costly and more economical.

  • The first bench that can be used by you is the Cedar Wood Corridor Bench. The bench is very economical however to make it more beautiful you need to do some decoration as well. The best decoration materials are plants and flowers.
  • You can also utilize the dining chair outdoor bench. The good thing about this bench is that you do not need expensive chairs for this particular type of bench. However it is highly recommended that whatever type of chair you choose it should not have cracks in it. In short the chairs should be of good quality and no stone should be left unturned in this regard.
  • Crib Style Outdoor Bench is also a good bench to use however for this bench you need to have an adequate garden space. Once you place the wood in the style of crib then building a good garden bench would not be difficult. You can also hire a crib designer in this regard

These were some of the major bench tips however the subject is huge and a lot of material can be found by you In this regard on the internet.