Recycle & Reuse

DIY Ideas To Reuse Toilet Paper Rolls

Reusing things is an action that is liked by every person around you, it is way with which you are helping yourself by saving money and also helping the planet. There are many things around that you might not even know that can be reused and one of them is a toilet paper roll. Toilet paper rolls are something that is present in almost every household. These rolls can be used for many different purposes and here some of the most simple and common uses.

Reusing toilet paper rolls can prove to be a great activity for children, this is because toilet rolls come in handy during arts and crafts. There are many things that be crafted with toilet paper rolls, for example, if you have a few toilet rolls, string and glue then you can create a bird feeder. In order to construct the best things from toilet paper rolls all you need is a bit of imagination and the will to reuse toilet paper rolls.

If you have a pet rodent like a hamster then you can cut the toilet paper roll into small pieces and throw it in the cage. This will give the hamster something to chew at and play with. If you have a son who likes to play make believe commando then you can reuse toilet paper rolls by making weapons and accessories. For example you can make a pair of binoculars by gluing two pieces of toilet rolls.

There are many more uses and applications of toilet paper rolls, and many can be found online. There are many websites online where you can find different ways of reusing toilet paper rolls and many other things. Reusing toilet rolls can also help you pass time in constructive and refreshing way.