DIY Ideas For Creative Use Of Antlers For Home Decoration

DIY Ideas For Creative Use Of Antlers For Home Decoration

Using antlers is a step towards creativity and using it you can spice up your d├ęcor. There is no need to chase a wild theme. Antlers are versatile and it depends on how they are put into use. Of course, the texture, color and the creative use of antlers you make may decide how great it looks. Here are few ideas suitable for any home.

Luminous Chandeliers

Chandeliers are a beautiful way to use antlers in a home. There are many creative ways of lighting, but you can ensure a creative use of antlers to give a rustic and real wild look. This can be done by using antler rack and hanging few lanterns. It will suit your yard.

Unique Wall Art

Antler- inspired arts make your wall beautiful. Look at gorgeous wreaths made using antlers painted in white. It looks elegant and simple. You can get black frames and white antlers, such that you fix the black frames and in the center place the white antlers. They look best as picture frames. Another very simple idea is to hang a pair of antlers with a few flowers.

Hang Things

Another very creative use of antlers is to use antlers as alternative to regular hooks. The advantage is that they are very strong and each antler works for more than one purpose. A popular trend is to hang jewelry, but it can put into use to hang tea cups, belts, towels, clothing, or anything coming to mind.

Fireplace Inspiration

Antlers make a fireplace outstanding, regardless of the size, large or small. Using large antlers and dressing up the fireplace mantel looks great. In case, you are not using the fireplace, place antlers in a bunch replacing the usual logs. Get a subtler look by placing smaller size antlers in a stack on one end at the fireplace mantel.