Chalkboards have many purposes and they are used by many people due to various reasons. If you like chalkboards and like to do things yourself then you will surely like to make DIY chalkboards. It is a simple task that allows people to personalize their homes and test their creativity. Making chalkboards is not a very hard task, however you do need few tips that will help you make the chalkboard even more easily.

Before you start making your own chalkboard, first you need to make a list of everything that you need. In this case the things that are need is a framed glass picture, latex gloves, painters tape, primer, sanding block, pint of paint, chalkboard pain, paint brushes and chalk. The first thing that you need to do is to pain the frame with chalkboard paint, afterwards you need to sand the frame. Then you need to apply primer on the frame by using a paintbrush and then let it dry.

You now have to paint the glass itself, when painting the glass and frame make sure that you are using long strokes. You should also ensure that the paint is applied in one direction only, this means if you are painting in up and down motion then keep on going that way and do not start painting in sideways motion. After this the last step is to apply chalkboard paint on the glass, after application of chalkboard paint you need to let it dry and then you can start using your DIY chalkboard.

These were some things that you need to know about making DIY chalkboards. If you decorate these chalkboards then they can look really good in a household. You should carefully choose the place where you hang your chalkboard, because that can cause the board to look better.

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