Transition to winter from summer, marks the fall season and with it arrives the natural change and beauty. The days are crisper, but short, while the full moons appear on the sky beautifully, while the animal’s stock food quickly, leaves change to superb yellows from greens, and the pinecones start falling as they become heavy and disperse seeds. You can collect pinecones as they are good for innovative pine cone projects. In fact, it is a fascinating way of celebrating this season. To begin with:

Halloween Spider
You can use the pine cones and make a quick spider to complete Halloween last minute decorations. Having a pipe cleaner, a pinecone and eyes are enough; you can hang them in the doorways or from a tree.

Mini Christmas Tree
Christmas decorations are incomplete without a Christmas tree. Pine cone projects always have an important place in turning a Christmas tree. This is a perfect craft offering a subtle approach and also introducing the fact of the giving season.

Festive Lighting
If you wish to have a decorative chandelier for the festive season, now you can easily dangle some painted pinecones and enjoy a true festive feel. It is very simple to do and adds a nice touch.

Colorful Display
Pinecones delicate shape allows it for any of the pine cone projects that features simplistic decoration. It is simple to dip the pine cones in paint or you can also spray paint them, you are sure to do the best. Easily display them in a glass bowl or vase and your home area is sure to brighten up.

Candle Holder
This is truly one of the awesome pine cone projects that are effective, yet simple. You have to just mix and match the pinecones of different sizes and paint them in gold to enjoy added effect.

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